MMG November 2021 News

MMG November 2021 News

It is wonderful to see our community out of lockdown and enjoying time out in the sun with family and friends. We have appreciated your support of our clinic to remain open throughout all the COVID restrictions and lockdowns.

Patients are able to book face-to-face consultations (provided you do not have any COVID-19 symptoms and that you have not been in contact with someone with COVID-19). All patients aged over 12 must wear a mask at our clinic.

Video and phone consultations continue to be available however there will be a cost for these services.


Doctors Leave

  • Dr Michael Dobson is on leave from 3 October to 10 November 2021
  • Dr Peter Morris is on leave from 7 October to 2 November 2021
  • Dr Julie Van Andel is on leave from 22 November to 10 December 2021
  • Dr Nick Byrne and Dr John Roth on leave 1 November 2021
  • Dr Cathy Evans and Dr Matt Evans on leave for 19 November 2021


Staff Movements

  • We have 2 new faces on our reception desk with Meg and Emily joining our busy team. Meg and Emily are new to general practice however have previous customer service experience.
  • Over the coming weeks you will see our doctors and staff starting to take well deserved leave after a busy 2 years working non stop during the COVID pandemic.
  • Dr Nicole Waugh is relocating to the regional area to live and will be finishing work with us during January 2022. Nicky will be missed by her patients and all the team.
  • Dr Lori Jackson will be increasing her working days in January 2022 from 2 days a week to 4 days a week. Days of the week still to be confirmed.


Patient Survey

  • We received over 1100 patient responses to our patient survey in just 3 days which was more than the RACGP approved survey company had ever received. We apologise for having to shut the survey link off after 4 days and we are looking at completing a further survey again next year and providing much longer time to respond.
  • 86% of responders provided us with a score of 8- 10 out of ten for how likely they would promote the clinic to family and friends.
  • In response to your feedback we have updated our on-hold message and we are getting a new phone system during November 2021 which will provide our patients with improved access to our team.
  • In addition we continue to upgrade the clinic facilities with refurbishment and painting of the consulting and treatment rooms continuing.
  • On line appointments are available for patients as needed. If you are having trouble getting an appointment with your preferred doctor please contact the clinic directly on ph. 5975 2633.
  • COVID vaccine appointments including the booster vaccine appointments are available via our website or Hotdocs.
  • Our average waiting times for patients have improved to an average of 6.2 minutes for the July to September 2021 quarter.


General Information

  • We have recently painted our procedure room and will be looking to update our treatment room area in the next few weeks.
  • This year has been challenging to provide COVID vaccinations to our local community as well as our usual general practice services. We appreciate your support whilst we worked through the processes of providing these additional services.


Stay Safe and Take Care.

Mornington Medical Group Team

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