MMG December 2022 News

MMG December 2022 News

Clinic News

The roof of the clinic will be replaced from mid to late January 2022 and there will be scaffolding around the building. Services will be available as usual however there may be some minor noise in the clinic from the roof works. If you have any concerns please speak to our administration team.

Dr John Roth

Dr John Roth will be retiring from general practice this month with his last consulting day being Friday 23 December 2022. If you need to visit with Dr Roth please make a booking before the 23 December 2022. We wish John a very happy retirement.

Dr John Bolwell

Dr John Bowell has retired and has asked that we pass on his thanks to all the patients who have sent him cards and well wishes over the past few months. Dr Bolwell has very much enjoyed reading all your cards and messages.

Medical Practitioners Unavailability

The following doctors are unavailable to see their patients during the dates below.

December 2022

  • Dr Michael Cross – 10 to 29 December 2022

  • Dr Julie Van Andel – 20 December 2022

  • Dr Nick Byrne – 2 weeks from 26/12/2022 – TBC

  • Dr Cathy Evans – 30 December 2022

  • Dr Matthew Evans – 30 December 2022

COVID / Mask Update

COVID numbers remain very high in Victoria and as a result, masks are still required to be worn by anyone entering or visiting the clinic. This is to protect the doctors, nurses, staff and patients who are in the clinic.

If you have any flu or COVID symptoms please notify our receptionists when booking your appointment and your doctor can see you outside if required or they can provide a telehealth appointment for you to assess your condition and provide medical advice.

The clinic will receive the new Pfizer Bivalent vaccine from 16 December 2022. This is available to people aged 18 years and over. The clinic will continue to keep a small supply of the previous Pfizer vaccines for people aged 12-17 years. If you have any questions please speak to your doctor or our nurse immunisers.

On behalf and the staff and the doctors who work out of Mornington Medical group clinic we wish our patients a wonderful Christmas and

a Safe New Year.

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