May 2024 News

May 2024 News

Medical Practitioners Availability

Doctors who are taking leave from their medical practices in coming weeks are as follows.

May 2024

  • Dr Michael Cross 20 April to 19 May 2024
  • Dr Susanna Gong 11 May to 19 May 2024.
  • Dr Julie Van Andel 13 May to 17 May 2024 and 22 May to 23 May 2024

General Practitioner’s

  • Dr Michael Cross is now consulting on Monday and Fridays from the clinic.

Allied Health

Tele Demetrious, the physiotherapist who consults out of the clinic, has changed his consulting days to Monday and Wednesday each week.

Clinic News

  • A Self Check in kiosk is now available in the waiting for patients to check in.
  • Influenza vaccines are available from the clinic. These are available when you have a consultation with your doctor or book into the flu clinics that are available.

Shingrix Vaccine – Exhausted Stock Supplies

  • The Shingrix vaccine helps protect adults against herpes zoster (also called shingles) as well as long lasting nerve pain that can follow shingles. The government has a campaign to provide free shingles vaccination under the National Immunisation Program (NIP) for eligible people.

A 2-dose course of Shingrix is available for free for:

  • people aged 65 years and over
  • First Nations people aged 50 years and over
  • immunocompromised people aged 18 years and over with the following medical conditions:
    • haematopoietic stem cell transplant
    • solid organ transplant
    • haematological malignancy
    • advanced or untreated HIV.

If you previously received a free Zostavax shingles vaccine under the NIP, you are not eligible for a free Shingrix vaccine for at least 5 years.  

Reference –

  • However, the government has notified general practices that stock of the Shingrix vaccine is currently exhausted and is not available. We acknowledge there is a huge community demand for this vaccine and we will advise you when stock becomes available. We have been notified that when stock does become available it will be in minimal supply.

COVID Vaccines

The government has released the final supply of the single dose Moderna COVID vaccines to general practice. Multi dose Pfizer vaccines will be available in the future.

Be Kind and Take care

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