Dr Julie Van Andel

Dr Julie Van Andel


Dr Julie Van Andel has enjoyed a diverse career in medicine. After graduating from the University of Melbourne in 1987, she has run a small intensive care ward in Africa, worked in Kakadu and spent more than 20 years at local services including Headspace in Frankston.

Dr VanAndel also has a fellowship of general practice and a diploma of obstetrics. At MMG she specialises in antenatal, paediatric, youth and women’s health, travel medicine and sexual health. Dr Van Andel urges sexually active women, especially those with multiple partners, to have yearly health checks.

Despite her busy practice, Dr Van Andel always finds time to travel, learn new languages, practice yoga and focus on philosophy and spiritually.

Dr. Van Andel is an independent medical practitioner consulting from the Mornington Clinic.

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