2020 has been a difficult year – but let’s not forget our preventative health! October is breast cancer awareness month. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in Australian women, with 1 in 8 women diagnosed by the time they are 85 years old. Risk factors for developing breast cancer include: Increasing age … Read more

Spring is here and with it comes hay fever season. In spring time the grass pollen season peaks between October and December so pollen exposure and hay fever will be increased as well as your asthma risk. Both hay fever and COVID-19 include respiratory symptoms and this can be confusing for us. What should you … Read more

Mornington Medical Group doctors are now able to send your prescriptions directly to your mobile phone. This means there is no requirement for a paper script. Simply take your unique QR code on your phone to your pharmacist and they can dispense your medication for you. Your doctor is happy to discuss your suitability for … Read more

COVID Symptoms – if you have any concerns please contact your local doctor. Stage 4 restrictions are in place.

As Victoria enters periods of ongoing lockdowns with the COVID pandemic it is important to eat well. The Victorian Government’s Better Health website has heaps of great recipes for you to try. We have included a favourite on how to make homemade hummus. We hope you enjoy this meal. Hommus with parsley dip Preparation time: … Read more

Flu (influenza) – Immunisation The Victorian Governments Better Health Channel provides up to date health information for all members of the community. This news bulletin covers information about the 2020 Influenza vaccine. For more information please go to their website www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/health/HealthyLiving During the COVID pandemic, it is important that the community continues to have their … Read more

Returning to work after injury or illness is important for your health and wellbeing say Mornington Medical Group doctors. Here are six tips from WorkSafe Victoria to help you return to work sooner. Ask your treating health practitioner to write details about what you can do on your Certificate of Capacity. This should include any … Read more

It makes good sense to protect yourself and those around you against influenza (flu) this winter. What is influenza (flu)? Influenza (commonly called the flu) is a highly contagious viral infection that can occur in children or adults of any age.  It occurs more often in the autumn and winter months because people spend more … Read more

Getting to know how your breasts look and feel will help you pick up any changes, fast. Follow these four steps to self-examine your breasts once a month. Follow these four steps to self-examine your breasts once a month. Try to check your breast at the same time every month, preferably after your period. If … Read more

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