Ideas to help you return to work

Ideas to help you return to work

Returning to work after injury or illness is important for your health and wellbeing say Mornington Medical Group doctors.

Here are six tips from WorkSafe Victoria to help you return to work sooner.

  1. Ask your treating health practitioner to write details about what you can do on your Certificate of Capacity. This should include any limitations, for example, difficulty with bending, lifting or the requirement for regular breaks.
  1. Your employer will usually call you to see how you are. Talk to them about your progress and the parts of your job you think you can do. If you haven’t heard from your employer, you may consider giving them a call.
  1. Ask your treating health practitioner and employer to talk to each other about the plans for your return to work and the suitable duties that are available for you. Your Return to Work Coordinator is the best contact for them.
  1. You can have someone represent, assist and support you at any stage of the return to work process. This can be anyone except a legal practitioner.
  1. Talk to your Return to Work Coordinator if you experience difficulties when you return to the workplace. Be careful not to aggravate your injury or illness by doing too much too soon.
  1. You may need additional help or support to return to work. If you need assistance, you can contact your employer’s Agent, the WorkSafe Advisory Service, your employer, your Return to Work Coordinator or your union.

Resource: WorkSafe Victoria A guide for injured workers: returning to work

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